Athlete Feature: Mason Wright

Silas Newton

Mason Wright is a defensive midfielder here on the HSE Lacrosse team. He is a Junior and has been having quite a successful season as the Royals Lacrosse team moves forward in their season. As sectionals approach Mason and the lacrosse team are locked and loaded through all the preparation and work put in from the offseason. When Braden Myers a Junior on the lacrosse team was asked about how he and the team prepared for the season this year. He said, “In the off season we trained a lot in conditioning and stick work. In order to play lacrosse, it is important to be able to pass and catch in order to be successful, and if you don’t get tired while doing it, the game becomes that much easier. After we get the basics down, we began to work on team chemistry, and working on the team defense as a whole. That way we could help others if they got beat.” He was then asked how he has seen mason improve from this season to next season. He said, “Mason improved the most with his on ball defense, as well as his lacrosse IQ has improved a lot. This allows him to not only do his job but help other people because with his good on ball defense he rarely gets beat and can play more help side defense which helps the team a lot.” Mason Wright was asked how he prepared through this offseason to have a successful season right now. “Overall we take off-season very seriously here at HSE. We hit the weight room, do extra stick work, and do team bonding. I feel like all of this helps us be successful as a program.” Mason was then asked what he thinks his biggest jump in his game has been compared to last year. He said, “I feel like my biggest jump in my game from last year to this year has been my footwork. speed, footwork, and strength at my position I play is all you need. Last year I feel like I wasn’t as smooth with my game as I am now. All that work I put in, in the offseason has paid off.” As Mason approaches his senior year after this season, he looks to put on quite the campaign. He plans to play lacrosse in college and would like to pursue that. Mason has gained some attention from a couple schools and said this, “There have been a couple schools that have reached out to me this season which I like because I do want to play in college. Some schools I can think of that would be my dream offers would be Notre Dame, North Carolina, and probably some schools in Florida.” The HSE Lacrosse team has around 2 weeks left in the regular season before playoffs start. They play in their conference championship game against Zionsville this Friday 5/12 and look to secure a win. Come out and support your Royals Boys Lacrosse team!