Boys Track Preperation


Colin Castelo

Boys Track

The boys track team has had a decent year so far. The boys track team tied with Fishers High School during the annual Mud Sock meet. With sectionals coming up, the boys track team must prepare for their upcoming meets. The first sectional meet is May 18. There are some tough schools that are part of the Hoosier Crossroads conference. The eight teams in the Hoosier Crossroads Conference are the Hamilton Southeastern Royals, Fishers, Zionsville, Franklin Central, Noblesville, Westfield, Brownsburg, and Avon high schools.

In track there are different distances and events you may run or do. For example, there is the 100-meter, 200-meter, 400-meter, 800-meter, 1600-meter, 3200-meter races and hurdles. However, track is not only a sport for speed. Track and field events require endurance and power. Some view track as an easy sport; however, athletes in this sport are highly competitive with a strong desire to win. The winner will be the fastest in the group. This may also be a challenge for some because you can lose even if you try your hardest. Therefore, track can be tough on players both mentally and physically. While running, you are at risk of getting injuries such as sprains, ligament tears, and hamstring strains. While you are training and competing, you may be at risk of getting these injuries. However, track athletes still put themselves at risk to compete for our schools and to compete as and with a team.

Luckily, I had the chance to speak to a few of the members of the Hamilton Southeastern boys track team. I used this opportunity to learn more about how they prepare for and recover from competitions.


How do you prepare the day before? Do you have a special meal or try to get a certain amount of sleep?

Noah Anderson: “The day before I just try to rest and relax as much as I can. I prefer to get eight hours of sleep the night before meets and I like to have pasta.”

Waard Okab: “the day before I usually eat a bunch of pasta/Carbs. I try to get 8 or more hours of sleep the night before a meet.”

How do you keep hydrated? Do you drink a certain amount of water a day?

Noah Anderson: “During the previous and day of the meet, I try to drink my 32Oz water bottle twice each day.”

Waard Okab: To keep hydrated, I drink at least a gallon and a half of water to prepare for the meet.

How long before your event do you warm up?

Noah Anderson: “As far as warming up goes I go 45 minutes before my race to get dynamic stretching focused on hamstrings and calves.”

Waard Okab: “Before my event, I warm up around 20 minutes before by doing dynamic stretches.”

What do you do to help your body recover from competition?

Noah Anderson: “After meets, I try to get a good amount of sleep and drink plenty of water.”

Waard Okab: “To recover my body after meets I visit trainers and stretch a lot.”