Rising Star: The Journey of a Freshman Softball Phenom

Hamilton Southeastern Softball Player Grace Swedarsky and her Experience on the Team

Emma Bieberich

Being a freshman on varsity is a rare occurrence, especially at a school as big as Hamilton Southeastern. For softball pitcher Grace Swedarsky however, earning this highly-sought after spot came as no surprise. Swedarsky has always been passionate about softball, and her love for the sport is unparalleled. She possesses undeniable talent and a determination that sets her apart from her peers, allowing her to earn a varsity spot.

Swedarsky didn’t begin her career in high school, as she competes on a club team called the Indiana Magic Gold in the off-season. Playing on a team outside of high school has allowed her to sharpen her skills and get ready for the intensity of the spring season. Swedarsky explains, “Getting the chance to pitch against the best hitters in the midwest in travel has prepared me for pitching against the hitters on other high school teams.”

Despite being a freshman competing against older and more experienced players, Swedarsky’s skills proved undeniable. The HSE coaches were astounded by her raw talent and offered her a spot on the varsity team. It was an incredible achievement for a freshman, and she has continued to prove herself ever since.

The skill of Swedarsky’s arm is one that exceeds expectations. She struck out an astounding 17 batters in a tough game against Westfield. She has also been awarded Player of the Game for seven of the last competitions. For her freshman season, Swedarsky has pitched to the best of her ability, rewarding her with the strong success of her team this season.

Because of her success, Swedarsky quickly became the talk of the town, improving her game as the season progresses. Her powerful arm, lightning-fast reflexes, and impeccable fielding skills made her an asset to the team. With every game, her reputation grew. Swedarsky explains that the success of this season is because “the team is so friendly and we have the best time together.”

However, being in the spotlight comes with its fair share of challenges. She has to juggle her academics, practices, and game days, which often leave her exhausted as she tries to navigate her busy freshman year.  Swedarsky has also faced immense pressure to perform at her best, and the expectations are high. “I’ve had to face pitching against some insanely good college commits,” Swedarsky said. “I have overcome this challenge by always being prepared before games, staying confident in the circle, putting trust in my teammates, and knowing that I can get the job done.”

Each game fills Swedarsky with renewed determination and she always walks onto the field with her head held high. She realizes that each game is not merely about winning or losing but about the love she has for the sport. She plays with a fire in her eyes, giving her all, and inspiring her teammates to do the same.

Swedarsky’s incredible performance throughout her freshman year has allowed her to become an inspiration to her teammates, including the upperclassmen. When she walks onto the field, Swedarsky continues to prove that age is just a number when it comes to talent and determination. She will continue to excel throughout the rest of her high school career, leading her team to multiple championships and earning numerous accolades. With her talent and unwavering spirit, Swedarsky will continue to build on the bright future ahead of her. It is clear that she is not just a freshman, but a force to be reckoned with.