Spring Ball Success

Following a historic season, HSE Football has attracted the attention of a multitude of Collegiate Football Programs. Athletic Director James Self elaborates on the impact on the school and offseason training this attention brings.

Spring is an exciting time for a extremely wide variety of people. However, Baseball can be too watered down with statistics and without many other primetime sports some could be left desiring more. Many of those, coincidence or not, are likely avid football fans. There is a certain ambiguity about the balance of ability and mentality in the sport of football. Not to take away from other sports, but a team of 11 men attempting to “out will” the other over the course of an hour has a very special appeal to many. Especially in a state of local towns and exceptional fall weather like Indiana. However, for the actual teams taking the field in the fall Spring is just as important as Fall.

For the Hamilton Southeastern Royals, this spring has been nothing short of spectacular. Following a 12-1 season, falling to the Carrol Chargers in a frigid and injury-ridden contest, the Royals are getting their fair share of attention. This is in no small part due to the “big-name” athletes the Royals will have next season in Styles Prescott and Donovan Hamilton. Prescott holding offers from almost any school you could name. (Michigan, Alabama, and Notre Dame to name a few) and Hamilton on the precipice of exploding as a Division-1 receiver with interest flowing out of the MAC. With coaches watching practices to view these two, it is no surprise they have noticed the other athletes on the team as well.

Mason Alexander, an incoming Junior on the team, who played corner and special teams last season was known for turning kickoffs in Touchdowns with burning speeds. Having not necessarily posted game-breaking stats on defense his remarkable athleticism went relatively unnoticed until he was seen by coaches playing on the same team as Hamilton. Following this and an initial offer from Pittsburgh to start the frenzy, Alexander has added 10 offers to his resume including 3 from the SEC. Athletic Director James Self is nothing less than ecstatic for the athletes receiving next level opportunities as he stated:

“I love it … It brings attention to our football program; it brings a lot of positive energy to our athletic department and our school.”

– James Self

In addition to Alexander, the Royals have had 4 more athletes gain Division-1 opportunities to play football including Kameron Anthony, Jaren Bush, Jalen Alexander, and Cameron Gorin. However, offers don’t always directly translate to success in the 6A environment of Indiana High School Football. So how will this attention affect the Royal’s offseason, and will it invigorate another landmark season; or distract from the goal?

Complacency is the question. The fact of the matter is everyone gets full at some point. “My hope is that the football team is still hungry,” Self stated, “all this attention could lead to complacency.” The hope is the attention, and the watching eyes, will continue to motivate discipline and integrity amongst the football team as the pressure to continually perform is consistent. However, the NCAA recruiting process involves a dead period during the summer months where open contact with athletes is restricted. In addition to that, NCAA coaches are only allowed to openly communicate with athletes Grade 11 or higher. Current Sophomores (to-be Juniors) will open come the first of September. How does the attention upperclassmen have received affect their attitudes?

These questions can’t be answered by the coaches, nor can they be answered with words. They will be answered by the early success of the Football Team this summer and next season. The season opens up with a home game versus the Carroll Chargers, a revenge game of sorts for the team. With plenty of action occurring this spring and a long summer of work and improvement ahead. The hopes for another historical season being in the works are very high. Will the Royals continue the climb? – Story by Alex Boothby