Marissa Hubbard

Eyes on the clock, senior Bria King checks the remaining time against Fishers Sept. 7. From a young age King was inspired by her cousins to play volleyball. “My favorite part is when the team wins a pint on a big kill or block,” King said. “It seems like everyone, even those on the bench get extremely excited.”
Huddled up, senior Meredith Phillips listened to the advice of her coach Sept. 7. Phillips enjoyed the communication and trust that comes with being a part of the team. “You have to trust one another and do your job,” Phillips said. “It shows how everyone has a role, and that everyone contributes in different ways to the game.”
Arms outstretched, senior Lark Jones high-fives her teammates at the mudsock game Sept. 7. Jones had played volleyball for 6 years. “I just sort of found volleyball and decided to try it,” Jones said. “I get to play everyday with a team that works hard and has a passion for volleyball.”
Photo Gallery: Girls Varsity Volleyball vs Fishers
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