HSETV: Off-Season Training

September 27, 2017

#TakeAKnee: Where Did It Come From and Why?

September 26, 2017

Over the weekend, social media feeds were flooded with the hashtag #TakeAKnee. The simple, yet highly controversial hashtag became the forefront of NFL protests Sunday night. More than 100 players on various teams decided to kneel during the national anthem before their big games, but why? And where...

HSETV: Special Teams

Tyler Schaus

September 19, 2017

Where is Carmel?

Skylar Hettenbach

September 8, 2017

When you think of HSE football you think of two games, Fishers against HSE, but most importantly Carmel against HSE. Carmel has decided to move on to a different school to play for the first game of the year. “Carmel opted out of our contract of four years,”Athletic Director Jim Self said “We...

Ready for Recognition

August 25, 2017

Each day, achievements in seasonal sports are honored on the announcements, whether that be first thing in the morning or on the daily video reports. While the names of football and soccer stars are often mentioned in regards to who scored the winning touchdown or assisted on a crucial goal, a certain...

Home Finale

August 24, 2017

  Since the mid-1850s, journalists were referring to baseball as America’s national pastime. Even to this day, the sport is still holding up its popularity through the Major and Minor League Baseball. In Indiana, we do not have a Major League Baseball team, but we have five Minor League Baseball...

Girls XC Hokum Karum 8.19.2017

Girls XC Hokum Karum 8.19.2017

August 23, 2017


A Guide to HSE Football Games

August 18, 2017

Every year from September until mid November, the Hamilton Southeastern Football team is in season. Students are encouraged to attend the games and cheer for the football players. This year the class of 2021 may now sit in the student section as freshman in high school. There are some things the students...

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