United Track and Field Promotes Inclusion Through Competition

May 15, 2017

  United Track and Field is a school sport that allows high school students with and without intellectual disabilities to collectively represent their high school in the IHSAA sanctioned activity of track and field. It unites kids with and without special needs and allows them to compete and part...

HSETV: Mens Volleyball

March 29, 2017


HSETV: Coaches of HSE

HSETV: Coaches of HSE

March 22, 2017

Indiana is the Most Represented State in the Sweet 16: How are we still “flyover” country?

Jack Held, Staffer

March 20, 2017

Like clockwork, March comes without hesitation, bringing one of the most anticipated sporting events of the year with it. The month itself cannot typically be mentioned without bringing up the legendary March Madness basketball tournament. 64 collegiate basketball teams, either selected by a committee...

Q&A with Senior Wrestler Alec Jessop

March 6, 2017

Jessop shares his experience at IHSAA wrestling state finals. Q: How did you feel knowing you were representing our school? A: I felt very proud to know that I was representing HSE in state because I felt that I got to show how tough HSE is and it was fun representing something bigger than one’s sel...

Her Comeback

Her Comeback

February 6, 2017

When you think of cross country, you usually don’t consider that it’s a sport where you could get a concussion. Well, during the IHSAA cross country state championship, sophomore Laurel Black was in 6th place until she took a hard fall 50 meters from the finish line. Although Black did not receiv...

An Online Presence

Joseph Alcala, Staffer

January 18, 2017

In April of 2016, Ben Wachtel was picked as an assistant coach for the girls swimming team, and an associate head coach for the swim club. The road to this position led back to his time at the school, where he was an athlete on the swim team. After swimming for four years at Purdue University, he came b...

San Diego Chargers moving to Los Angles

January 16, 2017

NFL team San Diego Chargers Chairmen Dean Spanos announced on Jan. 12 that the Chargers would be moving to Los Angles. This will be their first season back to Los Angles since 1960. The Chargers have been playing in San Diego for 56 years building a strong fan base, but Spanos is still pushing for the...

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