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Junior Jackie Maulucci walks in the gym after being introduced.
Senior Malea Jackson and Sophomore Lydia Self share a laugh during the ceremony.
“How many times have you watched an athletic contest, whatever the sport? When you get done watching that game, you review in your mind and you think back to maybe one play, one moment in that game that was the turning point. It was the difference maker. So the lesson is, be ready for that moment at all times. Never take plays off. Play hard from the start to the finish. And that’s going to be the lasting memory that I have of this team right here. Not many high school teams figure that out. State champions do. And that’s what this team did right here.”- Greg Habegger, Athletic Director
The Three Wise Men being honored at the ceremony.
“On behalf of the Clark family, we would like to thank the HSE athletic department, parents, fans, coaches, and players, for the remembrance and support of our dad Dub Clark. We know he’s been watching from above and rejoicing your accomplishments of State Final Champs.”- Stan and Betty Clark
“Thank you so much to all of you for coming out to support us at every game. You guys are one of the major reasons that we made it so far this season, and you made it so fun these past four years, so thank you.”- Senior Amaya Hamilton (right)
“The two things that we wanted this Senior year were energy and family, and I think I can definitely call you guys my family. But that family reaches out to everyone here, and that means so much to us. Just stepping out on that court for the first time, I know we all felt at home because it was all filled with blue. I hope that after our Senior year everyone continues to do that.”- Senior Malea Jackson
“I’d just like to say thank you to this entire team, because you have no idea how much they mean to me. When I chose to come to HSE in eighth grade I couldn’t imagine a better Senior class. To see them leave this year is heartbreaking to me, because they just mean so much to me and they’ve inspired me on and off the court. I’m so thankful for them and for you guys for coming tonight and for supporting us through this entire journey.”- Junior Sydney Parrish
“You hear these words so many times, ‘I love my team’, ‘I love being around them’, ‘I’m gonna miss them’. You hear teams say that all the time. But is it genuine? Or is it because we are in the moment and you’re being successful and those are things you are supposed to say? [This team] is genuine. We knew this was going to be a tough day because we knew we weren’t going to be here dribbling basketballs anymore, and that was going to be the hardest part of the season.”- Chris Huppenthal, Head Coach
“As I told them Saturday night, they will forever be admired in basketball immortality in the state of Indiana. What they accomplished cannot be taken out of any books, and forever, when I’m gone, they’re gone, we’re all gone, it will always say 2019 Hamilton Southeastern State Champs. Congratulations.”- Chris Huppenthal, Head Coach
Senior Tayah Irvin leads the “I Believe” chant for the audience.
Athletic Director Jim Self explains the “Be A Nickel” motto.
Photo Gallery: Girls Basketball State Celebration
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