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Yearbook Information

How do I preorder a yearbook?

For your convenience, we have created a step-by-step guide for ordering a yearbook and checking to see whether you have placed an order. You must pre-order a yearbook in order to guarantee a copy. In-person sales are extremely limited and first-come first served.

Ordering Yearbook Step-by-step

NEW FOR THIS YEAR: Name-plates and home-shipping! See the guide above for more information. 


Senior Pictures for Yearbook

Once again, our school will be partnering with Prestige Portraits for all senior portraits in the yearbook. This is the only way for Seniors to be included in the ‘People’ section of the yearbook – we will not be accepting home submissions. Prestige Photography sends the school the photos directly. The deadline for the 2023-2024 year is November 6th, 2023. If your senior has not been photographed by Prestige at this point, they will be in the not-pictured list of the yearbook.

For a step-by-step guide of how to schedule an appointment with Prestige as well as an FAQ on common questions, please see this link

Senior Ads 23-24

Senior ads are a unique opportunity to add your own message to your graduate in the yearbook! They are an optional step with very limited space and they are only for the graduating class of each year.

A step-by-step of how to purchase your ad is here: LINK

Senior ad purchases are available until January 8th 2024. Ads must purchased by this time for inclusion, no exceptions. Materials for ads must be sent by February 2nd 2024.



Yearbook Distribution 23-24

YEARBOOKS WILL DISTRIBUTE IN MAY 2024: Distribution of Yearbooks will take place during Pathways of Grey Days from the Leonard Lobby. The specific schedule and dates will be updated below.
Pick up Instructions/FAQ: 
  • Students MUST provide their school ID or Skyward upon pick up.
  • Siblings MAY pick up for other siblings.
  • A signature will be required upon receipt of yearbook(s).
  • No refunds will be accepted for yearbooks.
  • Your student must be able to pick up the yearbook on your behalf.
  • After distribution week, the prepaid yearbooks will be located in the main and CCA offices until summer. At that time, they will be available from the main office only.
  • New orders will only be available for ONE DAY during distribution week and are of extremely limited quantity – preorder your yearbook online to guarantee a book.


Missed Spring distribution?

If you were unable to pick up your reserved copy during our distribution days in the Spring for the current year’s book, we still have your yearbook!

All purchased copies are available in the Main Office over the summer; please bring a photo ID. Summer Hours are (8:30am – 12:30pm)

Still need to pick up an old yearbook or want to order a yearbook from a past year?


If you preordered a past year’s book and failed to pick it up and/or you’d be interested in purchasing a book from a past year, please head to the following page:


Ordering Old Yearbooks





Checking your student’s 23-24 yearbook photo

In past years there have been some issues regarding student photos in the yearbook. Students in 9-11 will use their student ID photo taken by Lifetouch. Only students that have their photo taken at the start of each academic year will be pictured in the yearbook. All other students will be in the ‘not pictured list’. Similarly for seniors, if they are not photographed by Prestige prior to the deadline, they too will not be pictured in the yearbook.

As an extra check, please view the following files to check your student’s photo prior to the stated deadline for each. After the deadline has passed, no changes can be made.

The only errors we are looking for are: 

  1. Your student’s name is misspelled or otherwise incorrect.  
  2. The photograph of your student is incorrect. For example, if it is of a different student (or a teacher!) or incorrect grade.
  3. Your student is missing entirely from their section but was photographed on/before the Nov 6 deadline by Lifetouch (Prestige for Seniors).  

If one or more of these errors applies to your portrait, please fill in the form below via the form link, and our yearbook team will address the issue. Please note the pdfs will not be updated to reflect changes prior to yearbook publish. 

9-11 (Deadline: January 30th 2024)  FRESHMAN PDF *SOPHOMORES PDF | JUNIORS PDF
12 (Deadline: February 29th 2024) Seniors PDF
*One of the Freshman pdf pages (p133) was identified as missing, this has been updated and is now accessible via the updated freshman pdf link above. We apologise for the inconveniences.