HSE Indoor Percussion 2020 Show in Progress


Sierra Borkowski

This time last year, the HSE Indoor Percussion Ensemble members were learning their 2019 show, “Birds of a Feather”. This show turned out to become the most successful show in the ensemble’s history, taking the group not only past world championship prelims, but all the way to a fourth place finish at finals in Dayton, Ohio. This year, they hope to achieve even higher feats as they put together their 2020 production, “A Wise Man Once Said Nothing”. Junior Jennifer Rivera is on the visual line and was part of last years historic run. “This year we will be stronger. More of the staff is pushing us to do are best in anything,” Rivera said. ” Even the little things like warm up. they are looking to the future of our goal which is Dayton and to push us to have a great show.”

The show, designed mainly by percussion director Jake Coon, is based around the internal struggle of deciding to speak up, or say nothing. The concept was created to be relatable in order to make it easier for the performers to portray. The idea is to analyze a situation in which a person sees something or hears something that might not be right, and then whether or not they should elect to speak up or hold back. On one side, the ensemble represents when speaking up can be a good thing and protect someone or call out someone doing something they shouldn’t be doing. On the other end of the spectrum, they mimic when speaking up can ignite conflict and make things ultimately worse. The show is a thought provoking topic that, for all people, is easy to connect to.

The show begins with calm musical selections to demonstrate the silence of saying nothing. as the show progresses, more and more of the drumline voices are heard as they symbolize “speaking out.” The music is written to create a dynamic build in volume and intensity in order to depict the internal conflict. Musical selections used in the production include “Hearing” by Sleeping at Last and “Say Something” by Justin Timberlake and Chris Stapleton. HIPE’s costumes are gold and purple including a cape on the waist and a cowl that can cover their mouths and be used as a hood as well. The tarp the members will march on is purple and pink with circles placed throughout. HIPE will also use 4 small circular props as stages and once large tiered stage that will be placed in the largest circle on the tarp on the far right.

The ensemble is eager to get going on this season, including junior Maddy Jenkins. “I honestly feel like we have the perfect balance between focus and communication,” Jenkins said. ” we have fun, but we are still able to get the task done at hand. I feel like both of those things are crucial and that we will do great because of it.” HIPE practices 3 times a week with music and visual staff who have world class experience to prepare for their first competition Feb. 15. The group looks to move up from competing in the lower A class, and step into the more competitive Open Class.  The Ultimate goal is to make finals for the second consecutive year when they drive to Dayton, Ohio for World Championships in mid April.