Ellie Ice : Review

Autumn Johnson

At HSE, there are plenty of talented people that pursue their hobbies and make them into small businesses, one of them being Ellie! I’ve purchased plenty of items from her, and they are all amazing. There are only a few that I would say there are slight disadvantages, but those are more than likely not her fault. In this, I’m going to be using pictures taken by her, but everything said in this is going to be completely my opinion and what I think of the product.

The first couple of products that I’m going to disclose is two sets of earrings, being snowflake earrings and small lightbulb earrings. Both are from her Christmas collection, and both have gotten plenty of compliments. During December, these are amazing to wear for just a subtle touch of some holiday spirit!


She also had a Halloween collection, however, I was not able to grab any of those at the time! They are still on her Instagram page to look at, but they are no longer purchasable. For this specific collection, she did work with another person to create this! Their username on Instagram is “the.frog.bog”. Aside from this collection, everything in Ellie’s store is strictly by her.





Aside from the collections that she’s done, she also has made just regular items for her store. She so far has made jewelry. which in some cases are customizable, lip products, body scrubs, keychains, and “gift sets”. The sets include two scrunchies, a lip gel, and a piece of jewelry. These sets are customizable since one can pick out the scrunchie colors, the set of jewelry, and which lip gel they want. Personally, the lip gel is my favorite as they are moisturizing, thick, and glossy.



Aside from just the lip gel, she also has other amazing lip products! She makes a bunch of different lip glosses such as her mermaid collection and her silky lip glosses, both of which I have one of! The mermaid glosses come in little tubes, and they are very pearlescent. They are a little sticky after applying, but I would still highly recommend them as they are very cute! The silky lip glosses come in two different scents, one being cherry (the one on the bottom right) and a strawberry one that I do not have.  These come in popsicle shaped applicators, and these are much more subtle than her other lip glosses, but smell absolutely amazing.


One last lip product she has in her store is her lip scrub (to the left, the smaller jar). The main complaints I have for the lip scrub is just the scent and the separation in the bottle. For any of those who do not know what a lip scrub is, it is essentially a lip balm mixed with sugar to help exfoliate someone’s lips! The smell of this lip scrub is kinda similar to wood, and I wouldn’t say it’s the best smell. Also, the separation is a little weird, as the sugar tends to go to the bottom of the bottle. Aside from this, however, the use of the lip scrub is still the same, and it works like any other major brand’s lip scrub.

The other jar is her body scrub, which I have used a couple of times now and I am in love with it. It’s perfect to use during showers as it makes someone’s skin really soft. This one also smells a lot better than the lip scrub, so that’s a plus! However, there is still a little bit of separation between the sugar and the other ingredients.



Going back to the jewelry that she sells, she has multiple sets of earrings on her store, necklaces, bracelets, and more. One of my personal favorites is the “Among Us” earrings that she has. One can add the “Among Us” charms to a keychain as well! She has a bunch of different colors, so it can fit anyone’s interests.





Lastly, she also does a bunch of discounts and occasional giveaways, so go and check out her page and give her some love! Her Instagram is    “shopellieice”, and everything here is on her page!