Inside HSE Technology Center

Nolan Houseman

The HSE technology center has had to adapt to the many changes that have happened over the past year. Due to COVID they have had to change their process in the way they can help serve the school. In this article we are going to look at this new process and see how it differs from the old system. We are also going to look at what the students can do to help the tech center be most efficient.

Looking back to last year, prior to COVID, you can see many differences compared to where the technology department is today. On a usual day if a student had a technology issue, they would go to the library inside HSE into the technology room. This is where they would get help with their tech problems. This process could sometimes take over an hour, and would remove the student from precious class time. The reason it would take so long is because the ratio of helpers to people needing help was very uneven at times. The other reason is because student’s were coming down asking for help on simple issues, like how to connect to the internet. As you will read later, this problem can easily be solved with the new system.

Due to COVID the tech department operations have changed. At the beginning of the school year when all students were 100% virtual they had to find a solution to helping students without actually seeing them in person. Their solution was to have students contact them through email and Zoom. If a student has a problem they will email the tech department. They can find their email in canvas under the HSE library tab. The tech department would then respond to the student with step by step directions to fix the problem. If the problem couldn’t be solved through email, then the student can join a zoom call with the workers in the tech department to get further help.

After talking to Miss. Moriarty, a worker for the HSE tech department, she explained that this new system, forced on the department due to COVID, has actually been working out extremely well. That even post-COVID this system could still possibly be in effect. Due to the efficiency of the process.