Review: Vibe Indy

Madeline Nelsen

Vibe Indy is the newest health food restaurant here in Fishers. It is an inventive one stop shop for someone on the go. They describe themselves as “a healthy café serving you through healthy shakes, energizing teas, protein coffee and more.”

Vibe Indy is in a prime location. It is located on the corner of 116th and Brooks School Road. Dunkin and Vibe Indy are both located in the same strip mall and Dunkin is its’ only competitor.  A perk of this location is there is tons of parking and it is not an overcrowded area.

There are 36 different shake flavors and multiple tea flavors you can choose from. When buying a shake, you must also buy a tea. The cost of this combination is around $9.  I personally went with a group of friends so we could split the cost and have some different flavors to try.

The first time I walked into Vibe Indy I felt overwhelmed with all the choices and how the ordering worked. The person behind the counter was helpful with explaining things.  We bought coffee cake and thin mint shakes and the lemon and raspberry flavored teas.

In my opinion, I did not enjoy the shakes because of their taste. I did not like the chalky texture and how it tasted artificial. The teas were okay, but they did not have a different flavor profile from each other. The two different flavors I tasted were very similar.  If you’re into meal replacement shakes, energizing teas, or protein coffee I think you would enjoy Vibe Indy. There is a huge selection of flavors and the shakes are all under 250 calories.

Even though Vibe Indy is a brand-new health food restaurant, they have gained quick momentum. It has a strong presence on social media. I personally found out about Vibe Indy through Instagram. I think their advertising through social media is a great foundation for a successful business. Even though Vibe Indy was not my cup of tea, it is still a great open space with a focus on this new trend in health food that can attract new customers.