S2 EP11- HSETV On The Road: The Movie

HSETV On The Road: The Movie follows Will Cantwell (Will Cantwell), Eric Bedrosian (Eric Bedrosian), and Zack Vance (Zack Vance) as they journey along state lines to create brand new content for their high school newscast series. (RELEASE: 2021)

Between hard- fought battles with tax collectors and losing their friendships along the way, it’s up to them to bring back the heart and soul to a once “thriving” and “loved” HSE News segment.

STARRING: Eric Bedrosian, Will Cantwell, Zack Vance, Gabby Haynes, and Brian Haynes

SCREENPLAY: Eric Bedrosian, Will Cantwell, and Zack Vance

EDITING: Zack Vance SOUND: Eric Bedrosian, Zack Vance, and Will Cantwell


Thank you to everyone for the support over the past two seasons. Season three premiers the first week of August, including NEW reviews, questionable decisions, and soundtrack.

Shoutout to our seniors from SSN and HSETV for being awesome. We can’t wait to see what you all do in college and beyond.