Spirit Week Kayak Ride

Lauren Riina, Newspaper Staff Lead

For the student council’s spirit week in honor of the annual food drive, a particular day many students participated in was “Anything but a backpack” day. Tuesday, March 25, students brought a variety of household items to replace their backpacks including, shopping carts, strollers, fridges, and a kayak.

The kayak that many people saw around the hallways belonged to senior Jack Gerstner. Gerstner had carried the kayak from class to class, with the help of classmates, and went the extra mile in light of the spirit day.

However, just bringing the kayak was not enough for Gerstner. Earlier in the school day, he had reached out to HSE’s principal, Janie Ulmer, to possibly get a photograph with Gerstner, the kayak, and any other spirited students. Gerstner gathered a group, beginning with some students from Mrs. Riley’s ACP Speech class. From there Gerstner and friends brought the kayak to the CCA to meet with the principal at 11:00.

With the students rallied up, many boys hoisted Ulmer up in the kayak, lifting her above their shoulders. Thus began the spontaneous parade that occurred Tuesday morning. Participating seniors joined the group carrying Mrs. Ulmer as they sang the HSE fight song through the halls.

The incident was enjoyed by many throughout the school and reprised students, and especially graduation seniors’, school spirits. Though the parade was short lived, and only had few participants, the event was enjoyed by almost all of HSE. Photos contributed. Story by Lauren Riina.