Met Gala Costume Ratings

The Met Gala is held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York to raise money for the museum’s Costume Institute. Celebrities, politicians, filmmakers, and more come in their most glamorous outfits and rarely disappoint.

This year, the theme was centered around “Gilded Glamour and White Tie” costumes. Below are outfits that deserve feedback whether it is positive or negative.

Emma Chamberlain

Trinity’s Opinion: The top is very gilded and I love the outfit. It is great that the top is an upcycled Louis Vuitton shirt and the jewelry used to be worn by Indian Royalty. The outfit altogether is simple and good.

Gabby’s Opinion: I am a big fan of Emma and I love that she looks very classy. The skirt is elegant and well done. I think my opinion is very biased due to the fact that I have been watching her YouTube videos for years.

Combined Rating: 7/10

Blake Lively

Trinity’s Opinion: Blake ate and left no crumbs. I love that she focused more on architecture over fashion.

Gabby’s Opinion: I love how original her dress is. Sometimes at these events, outfits and styles can be extremely predictable but Blake raised the bar. Somehow, Blake always ends up being the best dressed wherever she goes.

Combined Rating: 9.5/10

Jordan Roth

Trinity’s Opinion: It’s fine. The outfit is black and boring although I am not sure how it fits the theme of the “gilded age”. Overall I rate this a 2/10.

Gabby’s Opinion: First, I have no idea who this person is. I don’t know if it is because I am uncultured or if they are not that important. The outfit is completely horrific and might give me nightmares.

Combined Rating: 1.5/10

Sara Jessica Parker

Trinity’s Opinion: The silhouette of the dress is beautiful. With the colors and the hat are well done, the outfit did not work in her favor.

Gabby’s Opinion: Sara’s dress is absolutely stunning. Although, I think the hat is over the top. It does fit the theme well but she could have styled it differently.

Combined Rating: 3.5/10

Kim Kardashian

Trinity’s Opinion: In all honesty, she should not have lost weight in order to fit Marilyn Monroe’s dress. This is Marilyn’s dress and not hers.

Gabby’s Opinion: I understand why she would want to wear Marilyn’s dress, but Kim cannot expect to live up to her. If she had to go through all of that trouble to lose weight for it, then maybe it was a sign to wear something else.

Combined Rating: 2.5/10

Nicki Minaj

Trinity’s Opinion: Her outfit is not on the theme and the hat option is not the best. Nicki does not give off the “Met Gala elegance” that is expected.

Gabby’s Opinion: I love the dress but the buckle on her stomach takes away from the overall outfit. I do not love the hat choice but she still looks very pretty. The only big critique I have is that her outfit does not fit the theme whatsoever.

Combined Rating: 5.5/10

Kylie Jenner

Trinity’s Opinion: I love the fact that this outfit is a memorial for her friend that recently passed away. However, I do not like the combination of the hat and the veil.

Gabby’s Opinion: I do not like the dress, the hat, or the veil. This did not fit the theme. Kylie is very naturally beautiful, but this does not make her outfit any better.

Combined Rating: 2.5/10

Conan Gray

Trinity’s Opinion: I honestly do not like it. It’s giving more space than gilded. Conan looks concert ready instead of Met Gala ready.

Gabby’s Opinion: Conan resembles an astronaut more than an artist. It is a possibility that he did not get the memo of gilded but glamour is definitely present. The cape seems unnecessary as there is so much happening in the photograph already.

Combined Rating: 2/10

Olivia Rodrigo

Trinity’s Opinion: Olivia’s outfit seems as if she is going to her own “Sour” prom. It is not fitted for the Met Gala and comes off as promotional.

Gabby’s Opinion: Olivia is an amazing person but her outfit seems very childish to me. I feel as if she could have tried to follow the theme better, it would have worked in her favor.

Combined Rating: 4.5/10


Trinity’s Opinion: Lizzo’s outfit is very golden. Although you cannot see in this picture, her corset was very well done.

Gabby’s Opinion: Personally, I did not enjoy Lizzo’s outfit as much as others. I love her hairstyle but I am still confused about why she showed up playing the flute. There is a time and place for instruments and I do not think the Met Gala is one of them.

Combined Rating: 6/10


All photos are from CNN Style