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School Board Meeting November 8, 2023

Monthly Meeting Recap

On November 8, 2023, the Board of Trustees held a public board meeting at 7:00 pm regarding the posted agenda items, including Snapshots of Success, Public Comments and HSEA and HSE Contract Ratification. The meeting room was buzzing with teachers and parents who were there to support and speak at the podium.   

The Lady Royals Volleyball Team, who were State Champs, received the Snapshots of Success. With their 67th consecutive victory, the athletes completed their season 33-0. Coach Jason Young spoke highly of his team and their accomplishments. 

“Lots to celebrate. Lots of success. Very proud of this group. Very proud of the role models that they’ve become.” Young said. “When you come to our games, you’ll see the younger players who have been to our youth camps, and they’re there to support our players because of the connections they made with them at youth camp.”  

All the players have grown close and made connections within and outside the team. Although many of the students are moving on to college, they will always cherish the memories.  

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“I would just say definitely enjoy your time as we’re all seniors. It went by really fast, the four years that we played here. Especially these past two and definitely this season, it went by really fast,” senior Lauren Harden said. “Whether it’s volleyball or any sports team in high school, I would just say to just really take your time and enjoy it. Be thankful for the time that you get obviously, especially at HSE we have really competitive athletic sports teams, so not every kid is going to make a team …  It’s not only just you that goes into the sport, but it’s also your parents support [and] your own community’s support.” 

Time passed by incredibly fast for these seniors, but the team will always have a place in their hearts.  

On the topic of passing, the HSE Referendum passed with 15,751 voting YES, more than 70% of the district.  

“The board and I are so thankful for the unwavering commitment and tireless effort that our community has shown with their time, treasure, and talent and most especially their vote,” Board President Dawn Lang said. “With the necessary funding now secured, we are looking forward to the work ahead to further strengthen and advance HSE for our students and our community. There are great things ahead.” 

Strengthening and advancing schools is the goal of not only the board, but it is a pursuit of teachers.  The crowd at the meeting could be described as a sea of red, due to the number of teachers who showed up wearing red to support Red for Ed and the ratification of the HSEA & HSE Contract. This contract was a professional agreement between the Board of School Trustees and the Hamilton Southeastern Education Association, which is effective from July 1, 2023, to June 30, 2024.  

“This contract is a tribute to those teachers who have obtained a Master’s knowing there is zero financial incentive, that it does matter and the education they pursued is noticed. Furthermore, this contract takes the steps to address the inequity that exists surrounding class coverage language and attempts to rectify these issues to adequately compensate teachers who cover for other colleagues,” HSE Teacher Tyler Zerbe said. “Finally, this contract introduces a modified or hybrid version … providing both structure and freedom for teachers to take the days that are rightfully theirs, while also ensuring that certified teachers are kept in the classroom. As a student’s first line of support and bridge to success, this contract in totality proves that we feel valued not only as professionals but as people who have dedicated … energy and love to better ourselves for ourselves, our students and our schools.” 

Following Zerbe’s comment, the motion to approve the ratification of the HSEA & HSE Contract passed 7-0. The new ratifications put HSE at the highest starting salary in Hamilton County. According to Section 1. Basic Salaries under Article II, “The basic salaries of returning full-time teachers were between $44,074 and $87,530 prior to any increases negotiated in this agreement. After ratification, the basic salaries of full-time teachers will be $48,500 and $91,801 for the 2023-2024. … The salary range, after the increases under this agreement, for teachers with a bachelor’s degree is from $48,500 to $77,535. The range for teachers with a bachelor’s degree and at least 36 additional credit hours, after the increases under this agreement, is from $50,925 to $91,801.” 

On top of the rise in salaries, teachers will have dental and vision insurance available to them, along with many other benefits. The old contract consisted of 4 personal days and 10 sick days. The new contract gives teachers 7 personal days and 7 sick days. By increasing the sick and personal days total, teachers now have more flexibility to spend time with family and enjoy life outside of school. Judging by the crowd in attendance who celebrated after the approval, the teachers granted this motion a success.  

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