Stigma Free HSE

Stigma free means getting rid of the negative outlooks on mental illnesses and opening up and talking about the sensitive subjects that everyone avoids or looks past. Junior Breckyn Methany and junior Ranvir Sandhu started a club here at HSE called Stigma Free HSE. The goal of the club is to educate the staff and students on mental health and eventually break that stigma that our community has.

“I started Stigma Free HSE because when I was younger my mom attempted suicide and I remember every detail and its scarring to this day,” Sandhu said. “So, my motivation to start the club was my mom and so that people are aware that its ok to talk about mental health and you’re not alone in your struggle.”

The club started in December and has already impacted many people in our community. The club has reached around 80 students along with many teachers and administrators. It has even reached Fishers Mayor Scott Fadness who is attending the next meeting on Wednesday, March 8th.

“It is making many differences not just in the school but in Fishers,” Sandhu said. “It is allowing kids to have a voice and allow them to be a part of something big and that’s fun. At the city level this is the first club of its kind around here so its been getting a lot of attention.”

Stigma free HSE has a personal connection to both Sandhu and Methany. Both have had mental illnesses present in their lives and because of this the club holds a very special meaning to both.

“Oh man, Stigma Free means so much to me,” said Methany. “Being someone who struggles with mental health, and then getting to see other students speaking out against the stigma is amazing. I never expected the club to get so much recognition, especially from the city.” Photo Contributed.