Muslim Student Association

Teacher sponsor Mrs. Safi answers questions regarding MSA.

Bailey Lincoln

With the state of the world at the moment, meeting with fellow students and collaborating has been getting harder and harder. For those who are still trying to find a welcoming group to meet with club sponsor of MSA, or Muslim Student Association, Mrs. Safi has answered your questions if you have ever had an interest in joining MSA now more than ever.
What are you looking forward to most in MSA?
“I’m looking forward to watching my officers develop new ways to keep close connections with all MSA members. One of the events I’m looking forward to is we do a toiletry drive, blanket drive, and coat drive for the homeless and it should start within the next few weeks.”
Do you have to be Muslim to joining MSA?
“No. MSA is open to any HSE student who wants to learn about the culture or for anyone who just doesn’t feel that they have a place here, it is open to everybody.”
Do you guys plan on doing any fundraisers, charity work, etc. during the pandemic?
“This year other than the [homeless] drive, not really unless school starts going back to normal. We are not doing any of the henna sales or anything similar this year.”
What is an average meeting in MSA like?
“We talk about what the MSA Officers up to and [discuss] with the other members what kind of events we can do because we are trying to be as creative as everybody else to try and keep the club in tact but also being mindful of the fact that we’re in this schedule where some students are 100% virtual and some students are in the 50-50 hybrid schedule.”
How often do you guys meet? How are meetings like now during our hybrid schedule?
“We meet once a month usually. We have had one physical meeting which was awesome; we got to play games, have pizza, and it really lifted everybody’s spirits and you could tell many people needed that kind of gathering. Everyone was really observant of social distancing, washing their hands, and wearing their masks. I myself found it very beneficial and had a blast. We are currently doing both in person and Zoom meetings”