WandaVision: a Honest Review

Spoilers Ahead!

Trinity Mackenzie

As a huge Marvel fan, I was excited to see the plethora of new shows and movies that Disney Plus had to offer. Before I watched the show, WandaVision was already being talked about amongst my friends. However, I refused to watch the show until all the episodes were released. I am glad that I waited because this show was absolutely fantastic but it did have a few flaws.

I’ll start with the opening episode, it starts as a 1950’s sitcom with no context as to why these beloved characters, one of which is dead, are in this situation. We meet a few characters that are important to the plot Agnes being the most important. The episode was really cute, but at the same time was really eerie. The most important thing we learned from the episode is that Wanda is the one who is pulling all the strings with how she manipulates the show.

The plot of the entire show works really well with the increasing of eras in each episode. The fourth episode is where we get the most explanation as to what actually is happening inside this sitcom. It all starts with a missing persons case in a town, Westview, New Jersey, that supposedly did not exist. We see more of the outside world where the FBI is trying to understand what this anomaly is. We even see what happens when a modern person gets thrown into the anomaly. They change with whatever era is in the episode that particular day.

As the show continues Wanda gives birth to twins Tommy and Billy, but this was one of the lighthearted things that happens. Vision starts to get curious about his surroundings and the people in the town he’s living in. He finds out that the people in Westview, New Jersey are held hostage in their own minds begging for everything to go back to normal. During this time, he also finds out that he is dead from Agnes, the character mentioned earlier.

There’s a lot more that happens in the show with lots of reveals and plot twists and unanswered questions. I do have a few critiques. For example, the reveal of Agnes being another witch was predictable and if you’re a comic book fan could definitely understand she is Agatha Harkness. The FBI created another Vision out of Vision’s original body, but he disappeared for no reason after experiencing actual memories. I can’t help but wonder where did he go? Also, how did the FBI power him if they didn’t use the mind stone? That’s just me critically thinking about little details.

Overall, this show is a great addition to the Marvel universe. Even though it did leave a few unanswered questions, the plot was awesome. The entire show was a emotional roller coaster with great call backs to different eras. At its core this show is about family, love, and loneliness. I highly recommend watching this show even if you aren’t a Marvel fan.