Marissa Spreitzer: A Dream Come True

Hannah Elkins

September 20 was a dream come true for the Lady Royals Golf team. The Royals competed in Indiana High School Athletic Association, or IHSAA’s, sectional game last Monday. While it was an incredible experience to win for the team, the win really hit senior Marissa Spreitzer. Spreitzer placed 1st in the match, with her teammate Yanah Rolston coming in 3rd 

When Spreitzer was 9 years old, she played for a junior league, although at the time she wasn’t a fan of the sport. When entering high school, she decided to give the sport another try and has been playing for the Royals since her freshman year. Spreitzer began playing golf to connect with her family. Her mom, dad, and grandfather are all big fans of the sport. It’s now something that they find themselves bonding over. 

Because Spreitzer had a later start to her golf career, this win means everything and more to her.  

“The amount of hours that I’ve had to put into working on my game to get better in this short of time before college is crazy,” Spreitzer says. “Going through periods of time when you’re not playing your best is very hard to keep going and working.”

Spreitzer credits her teammates and states she couldn’t have done it without them. She and her teammates have become nothing short of a family and it truly became more than just a sport for them. Spreitzer says the competitiveness of the team brings everyone up and is the reason they are where they are today.  

Spreitzer states that winning as a senior has been a dream come true. Starting later in her sport and to be able to come out on top was the best ending to her senior year career to ask for.  

“It means everything to me because I started my golf career so late compared to everyone else it just shows how much work, dedication, and love I’ve put into this game,” says Spreitzer. “For it all to come together during sectionals at a really difficult course just means everything to me.” 

Spreitzer plans to continue her golf career in college, although she doesn’t know where she will be attending yet.