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Varsity Volleyball Team Makes History

The girls on the varsity volleyball team reflect upon what it is like to be the team that made history.


“To be on the HSE volleyball team that made history at HSE is truly the greatest feeling in the world. Words can’t explain the kind of bond that our team had together, it’s the reason we made it so far,” junior Olivia Burgess said. “We had a quote for the season ‘a team above all, above all a team’ and that’s truly what we were. Making it to the last round of semi state gave us a taste of state, next year we’re going to go all the way and will be coming home with some hardware.”


“There is nothing like a team. This group of girls were amazing and people that I can talk to at any time,” junior Caitlin Kane said. “It is very rare for a team to not have that one person no one gets along with or there is some drama somewhere. But there really was none of that this year. These girls mean so much to me and I won’t ever be able to forget them and the way we fought. This team has taught me how to not give up and what true dedication is.”


“We worked really hard this season and we knew we could do big things. All of the hard work paid off throughout the season, especially at the end. This team and season has been amazing,” senior Hayden Huybers said. “To make history was an incredible feeling. I’m going to really miss the HSE volleyball program, but I know they are going to go on to do tremendous things in the future.”


“We set high goals.  We did not achieve all of them but it was a wonderful year.  Ranked second in the state and 11th in the country has been great recognition,” coach Jason Young said. “Winning a sectional championship, a regional championship, and a semi state appearance is farther than any other Hamilton Southeastern Volleyball team has ever gone.  The framework and foundation for future success has been built through hard work and dedication.”
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