Companies Offer Paydays for Vaccinated Employees

How large companies plan on persuading their employees to get vaccinated.

Keegan Stein

After a year of dealing with the pandemic that is Covid-19, there is finally a cure and an end is in sight. However, many people are against the vaccine that could potentially save their life, and the lives of others. Many companies now strongly encourage their employees to get vaccinated. Bridgestone, a tire company with 33,000 U.S. employees is offering each person who does get vaccinated $100. Assuming everyone took advantage of this deal, it would cost Bridgestone a whopping 3.3 million dollars. Bridgestone however is not the only company to make agree to give their employees cash in return for being vaccinated. Back in January Dollar General agreed to give their 157,000 employees who get vaccinated an extra four hours of pay. The average hourly pay for a Dollar General employee is around nine dollars. Once again assuming each employee takes advantage of the offer, it would cost the company over 1.4 million dollars. Overall it is safe to say that many companies take the overall health and safety of their employees seriously, and are willing to lose millions of dollars to see the end of this pandemic that has effected us all.

Story by Keegan Stein