The Asian Student Union, How It Has Impacted The Students At HSE High School

Alexandria Lynn

Asian Student Union playing Mafia together. Date: October 12, 2021

In the Spring of 2020, a group of Hamilton Southeastern High School students came together to create a safe and fun place for Asian students: Asian Student Union. Within the Student Union, people of all racial backgrounds can come and learn about Asian culture and play fun games from Asia. For the first time, there was a club made specifically for Asian culture.

“ASU is not just a club at HSE but it’s a way for other people to connect with each other,” said Emma Bui, the President of ASU and also Senior at HSE High School. “They can talk to each other about different cultures and provide a sense of community for those who want to meet new people or stay in touch with their roots.” Asian students at HSE are able to present their heritage.

In 2020, violent crimes against Asians rose by 150% all around the United States. Asian-Americans were blamed for the global pandemic and COVID-19. As the hateful crimes were happening, Asian Student Union was a place that Asians could come together and truly speak about how Asian hate was effecting them their day-to-day lives. Not only is it a club, but it’s a community of support and friendship. As the sense of community came, the students were able to speak out against racism and create new friendships.

“ASU has allowed me to meet new people and bring together students from every corner of Asia. I feel a sense of joy seeing this,” said Bui. “I feel as if I’ve finally found a place where I can share my culture without shame.” Bui and other ASU board members have put in an effort to make sure everyone who joins the club will feel this way.

Asian Student Union has several events planned such as a Chicago trip in Spring 2022 and some other get-togethers outside of school. In conclusion, Asian Student Union is one of many clubs at HSE whom wish to make it a diverse and safe area not only at school but at home too.