HSE Baseball’s Newest Updates: What Legacy Will You Leave Behind?

Mackenzie Dreher

Over the baseball off season the program got a much-needed face lift. New paint, new decorations and added sheds are just the start of the positive progression of the program. When asked about the remodel Varsity Head Coach Kory Seitz gave his insights, “I’ve got a couple reasons why we redid it. Starting a new era in our program is number one, I wanted everything to feel like a fresh start, the entire space was starting to show some wear and tear.” With the relics of last season, and hiring a new head coach, this facilitated a need for a few adjustments.

The updates follow a ‘retro’ theme, including pictures of previous players and retired jerseys. A fresh layer of paint may cover the years behind it, but the pictures remain a time capsule. The locker room houses a couple flat screen TVs and a large speaker, immense technical upgrades. “Besides cosmetics I wanted to show off the teams and players of the past that have made this program special,” Seitz explains. “We can’t expect kids to know or appreciate our program’s history by just talking about it. Now they can see it in our space.” A large chart with “See whose number you have” has important previous players listed and their numbers. On the opposite wall a banner reads, “what legacy will you leave behind”, to remind players of their love for the game. Following the retro theme, Hamilton Southeastern teams can be seen putting red back into their colors, the baseball locker room has a red stripe painted around it and red highlights in the jerseys. Jim Self, HSE athletic director says, “Baseball always had red, Ken Seitz never let me forget that red is one of their colors.”

The upgrades were accomplished by Coach Seitz and his father-in-law, when asked about how it was possible, they explained they came together with the HSE Boys Soccer team and split the costs for the upgrades. Not having to ask the school for any money. “My father-in-law and I worked on and off, but we started painting walls and ceilings in late December and finished the epoxy floor and banners by 1st week of March.” Just in time for the players and fans to applaud the upgrades. Giving people a reason to look forward to the 2023 season.

After the last difficult season of Royals Baseball, this upgrade was more of a need than a want. The boys will be more intrigued in the game and have a safe place to go to. “There’s a ton of down time in baseball where kids may spend time in the locker room,” Seitz explains.” I wanted it to be a place they enjoy hanging out in.” The upgrades to the face of the program will hopefully come with upgrades to the heart of the program. Starting a new era and a fresh start to the 2023 baseball season. Showcasing a brand-new generation of Royals baseball. Come to Kenny Seitz Field to check out these improvements yourself!