Football players love candy


Mary Claghorn, Design Editor

Do not be the last one to enter the locker room on a Wednesday. Every Wednesday at practice, the varsity football moms place candy on the players’ lockers. The team member who is last to arrive in the locker room does not get to eat his candy, because the other players have already eaten it. This past Wednesday, the team received Pixie Stixs, and the week before, Airheads. It is always something different each week.

Senior kicker Brady Hoffman knows what it feels like to be the last person to arrive into the locker room and not being able to eat the candy he was anticipating for.

“[When you arrive last into the locker room] you’re upset because you look forward to it every week,” Hoffman said.

Wednesday is just another undercover treat the football players have to look forward to during their fall season. Photo by Maggie Tully.