Achieving dreams one kick at a time

Mary Claghorn, Design Editor

Arthrogryposis: a bone and muscular disorder where the joints do not move as much as normal and may be stuck in one position. About one in 3000 people are born with arthrogryposis. Freshman kicker Jake Parker is that one in 3000.

Although he has dealt with this condition all of his life, he does not see it as a barrier between him and his goals.

Since seventh grade Parker had a growing desire to be on the football team. Although he was not a player on the eighth grade team he still worked hard, and made kicker on the freshman football team.

He says he had to work harder than what is normal to achieve his goal of making the team, but he said it was worth it.

“If you have [achieving a goal with a disability] in mind you won’t regret reaching it, “ Parker said. “It feels amazing and you did it all by yourself.”

Parker wants to continue working hard in order to be scouted for college football to such universities as Indiana University, Notre Dame and Ohio State.

He knows there are some things he can’t do, but playing football is not one of those limitations.

He said, “I don’t look at [arthrogryposis] as a condition. On the field I see myself as a kicker.”