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Q&A with the Head Varsity Baseball Coach

I sat down with the head Varsity Baseball coach, Scott Henson, for a Q&A about the upcoming season.imgres

How long have you been a baseball coach at HSE?


“This is my fourth year as head coach, and I was the head JV coach two years before that, so this is my sixth year total.”


What is your least favorite part about coaching?


“My least favorite part about coaching is making cuts. Telling guys that they can’t be a part of the program, especially when they’ve put a lot of time into it, but it’s just part of the process. I always tell the guys that [the start of baseball season] is my favorite part of the year and my least favorite part of the year. We’re getting going, but I still have to make cuts.”


What is your favorite part about coaching?


“My favorite part would be getting to know the guys. Hanging out with them, it keeps me young. I also have a really good coaching staff, and we all have a good time together when we go scouting. Baseball in general too, I love baseball and I always have since I was four.”


What are your practices like?


“Intense. We stay active; a lot of people sometimes have the tendency to think baseball is a boring sport, but most of those people don’t play or understand baseball. At practice we try to keep moving from one drill to the next. While infield is doing something, the outfield will be doing something too. While the pitchers are working, the catchers are working with them. It’s constant motion, because otherwise practices can get tend to get long.”


What is your favorite game or event of the season?


“With a schedule like ours, it’s whatever the next game is. The last two years, we’ve had the number one rated schedule in Indiana, so we can’t really look at one game and say it’s more important than any of the other ones, because right behind that game is another one that’s just as important. This year on our schedule, out of the preseason top ten we play six or seven of them, including the number 12 team in the country when we play Moeller in Cincinnati.”


What are your hopes or goals for the upcoming season?
“Our goals don’t change year to year. We play for championships, so we want to be playing to win the sectional championship, and once you get sectionals out of the way we move on. In the last three years we’ve won two of the sectional championships; the one that we lost was to Noblesville who went on to win the state championship. We feel like if we can compete at sectionals, we’ve always got a chance at winning state.”

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