Ball State Select Nominee

While applying for colleges, a number of HSE seniors were thrown for a loop when they received Ball State Select Nominee status. With this status, the application fee and essay have been waved, and the answer to whether or not you will be admitted is given within three weeks.

For some, this opportunity is a game changer in the high-tech world of applying for colleges. Senior Abigail Kerpsack said “I thought about Ball State before I even saw the email. I thought it would be a good opportunity to fill out the application without the fee and essay.”

However, some students have run into problems with the process. In order to complete the application, full high school transcripts must be sent. This includes summer school grades, internships, and partial credits given through other colleges. Transcripts are found on Naviance, and SAT scores are found on College Board. Naviance log ins can also be given at the CCA office.

While it seems like a great opportunity for some students, others are worried about how this will affect their application to other schools.

“I appreciate how they got rid of the essay and application fee”, senior Sylvia Smith said, “It almost sounds too good to me. One of my goals was to retake the SAT a few times, and hope to get a better score. I’m worried I wont have time to submit my application to Ball State because of this.”

Another feature of Select Nominee Status, is an email containing a Ball State username, student ID number, and a link to use to set a password and activate the MyBSU account. According to the Ball State Admissions office, the account is not only secure, but also a convenient way to track the status of your application.

“I think any opportunity that our students get is one that our student should take advantage of,” said English Department teacher Mrs. Torres. “I would caution students to look into all of their options.”

Senior Ashley Tarak said”Its definitely making people apply.”

Mrs. Bright in the CCA office also has a unique stance on the status. “I think its a great opportunity for students to not have to pay an application fee, and not have to do an essay. Ball State seems like they’re trying to make it easier for students, which is great.

Overall, students and administrators have mixed opinions on the status. Colleges all around the U.S. are taking advantage of today’s high-tech age, and trying to improve the experience of applying for college.

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