Earthquake Felt In Indianapolis

With all the natural disasters occurring around the nation in a short period of time, attention has now be attracted by those who have not been concerned about it, such as citizens of Indiana. Already, there has been multiple hurricanes and a recent earthquake located in New Mexico. Not only has there recently been an earthquake in New Mexico, but there was also one reported in Albion, Illinois by U.S. Geological Survey Sept. 19. The 3.8-magnitude earthquake centered in Albion, Illinois, was said to be felt by three states, including Indiana. The earthquake took place at around 7:45 am and shaking only lasted for a few seconds. Although it did not last long, it was strong enough to wake Illinois residents and alert Indiana residents.

Junior Erin Larkin surprised by the newly given information of the earthquake in Illinois, discusses her thoughts towards the transpiring disasters.

“Natural disasters are one of the scariest things because there is nothing you can do to prevent them,” Larkin said. “I’m concerned that I hadn’t heard about [the earthquake in Illinois] on the news.”

The aftermath of these natural disasters is not only devastating but life-changing for families and not in the good, positive way. Hurricane Harvey alone caused $180 billion in damage, as well as forcing 39,000 people to move out of their homes due to flooding.

HSE has taken a stance to provide as much assistance as they can to Seven Lakes High School in Katy, TX who have been affected by the hurricane, and is accepting personal and school item donations.

“I think the only thing that we can do is to help those who are affected as much as we can because many have lost everything,” Larkin said. “We should continue to help people in these terrible situations because even when the news stops reporting about the [natural disasters occurring], those people don’t get to simply return to their homes and daily lives.”

In the safe arms of Indiana’s location, we are sheltered from most natural disasters, but we should still be aware and charitable to those who are affected and in need. Despite the distance, our humanity should be on full display for the nation to see.

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