The Fountain Square building opened in 1928 with the purpose of hosting events. Some of the special features of the building are duckpin bowling, a barbeque restaurant, a rooftop garden cocktail lounge, a lobby bar, a game room and a hotel called the Fountain View Inn. Most students know this place as the swing dancing building where all ages are welcome.

Girls and boys get all dressed up to go for a fun night downtown. Going out for a fancy dinner and walking around you can spot a vintage, old building lit up on the corner of Virginia Ave at Shelby and Prospect St. This is the Fountain Square Theater where every two weeks on Friday couples or even groups of friends gather to spend up to four hours dancing.

They dance a move from the 20s called, swing dancing. Different bands play jazz music as couples swing dance. The event starts at 8:30 pm, but they offer lessons at 7:30 pm for those who want to learn swing. The lessons cost an extra two dollars from the regular price of 12 dollars. Senior Lauren Fuscaldo went last year with friends for the first time.

“I went with a group of friends and my boyfriend last year because I heard it was cool,” Fuscaldo said. “It was really fun and there were so many age groups that it was even fun to watch the older couples dance to the jazz music.”

When looking for an activity to do on a Friday night consider dressing up with a group of friends and heading downtown to spend the night dancing and laughing at the Fountain Square Building.

Upcoming Dates for Swing Dancing:

March 23 – Mickey James and the Queen City Crew

April 13 – Ball State Jazz Ensemble

April 27 – Terry Lee and the Rockaboggie Band

May 11 – Stardusters

May 25 – Cool City Swing Band

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