SSN: KJ Gomez Athlete Feature


Tristan Fluhr

Down and Drum 

HSE Running Back finds his passion in football and drumming 

 The lights shine on the turf of Hamilton Southeastern High School while KJ Gomez lines up behind the Quarterback, ready to receive the football and explode into his gap. He hears not the crowd cheering and screaming, but a beat… the beat from a song he is going to perform on Sunday in the worship band. KJ Gomez is a senior running back at Hamilton Southeastern High School and is a drummer for student ministries at the Grace Church Fishers Campus. 

 “My inspiration for drumming is my mom,” Gomez said, “I saw her start drumming when I was seven years old… then five or six years later I wanted to drum just like her.” 

 Gomez currently drums on the weekends at his church, the Fishers Campus of Grace Church. He mainly drums in student ministries, on Sunday Mornings for the middle school worship band and on Sunday Evenings for the High School worship band. When Gomez is not drumming, his presence is still felt around the church as he brings enthusiasm and energy wherever he goes, including the football field. 

 “He is constantly focused,” teammate Nick Heltzel said, “always one-hundred-percent ready to go at any time and always brings good energy on the sidelines and on the field.” 

 As a senior, Gomez has become a vocal leader on the football team and focuses on trying to make the team better every day. Gomez is a player that many younger players have turned to for advice and guidance throughout his years in the HSE Football program.

 “My best quality as a player and teammate is to lift people up,” Gomez said, “I always give the guys support and leadership and give the younger guys advice if they ever need it. I like lifting people up and I like seeing people be happy.” 

  Gomez has found what he is passionate in with a combination of music, church, football, and being a leader in all four circles. Gomez focuses on being the best friend, person, and teammate he can be… while marching to the beat of his own drum. Story by: Tristan Fluhr, Southeastern Sports Network