SSN: Olivia Phillips Athlete Feature

A Family Bond

Learn how a family bond can make any situation easier, especially high school athletics.

With the crowd roaring, the score 24-23, all emotions are high for everyone. Despite the adrenaline, Olivia Phillips can stay calm knowing her sister, Meredith, is always there.

There are many athletes at HSE, but not many of them can say they’ve had the opportunity to play with their sibling. Phillips, a setter for the volleyball team, was able to play with Meredith her freshman year.

“[Our team] says that we’re a family,” Olivia said, “but since my sister and I were actually family, it was a lot easier. 

Olivia made the varsity team her freshman year, and was nervous for the upcoming season, being so unfamiliar with the team. However, having Meredith by her side really helped the transition into high school sports.

“She taught me how to love the sport of volleyball” Olivia said, “I saw the passion and the love she had when she played, and I wanted to share that with her. That’s why I’m playing the sport today.”  

Meredith taught Olivia countless things, both mentally and physically during their time on the team together, and now she gets the opportunity to see those things in Olivia’s play today.

“Over the years,” Meredith said. “her hitting has really improved, just her ability to hit different types of shots.

Olivia, now in her junior year has continued to play volleyball. She has been able to take in all of the advice from her sister and use it to become both a better player and a better person.                                                            

Story by Turner Graves