SSN Coach Profiles: Nicholas Brobst, wrestling

Jason Stutz, Xavier Dokes

Coach Nicholas Brobst is preparing for his second season as head coach of the Royals wrestling team. He started his coaching career at TC Howe, then headed to HSE after 3 years at Mooresville.

When asked about what motivated him to become a coach, Brobst noted that he was a 3-sport athlete in High School (playing baseball, football, and wrestling), so he’s always loved being around sports. He also highlighted his fifth-grade teacher, who was also his baseball coach from the 5th grade to high school.

It was apparent that Brobst’ appreciation for his former coach goes further than the lessons he taught between the lines. “He really influenced me as a young man. He showed me how to be a good person all around.”

Today, Brobst’ coaching philosophy seems to be modeled off of his coaching inspiration. However, Brobst also noted that he believes his philosophy changes over time. In the inner city, wrestling provided a safe place for his athletes. While at Mooresville, his main priority was winning.

When asked what are the fundamentals of wrestling, Brobst indicated that they are self-discipline, hard work, and desire. He also stated that, “If you’re lacking in any of the three it will show on the mat. That’s why I love this sport! No hiding! If a great feat is accomplished it’s all you and after a hard loss there’s nobody to blame but yourself. These three fundamentals apply across all of life and can take you far!”

Now, at HSE, Brobst stated that, “I see the bigger picture now. We still want to win but we’re focusing more on development across the board. Every athlete is important regardless of their current skill level.” Brobst searches and sees the potential in all of his athletes and wants them to be the best they can be.

Brobst has been at HSE since 2018, when questioned about what class has been his favorite to coach he said, “I’m not sure I could select one class as my favorite. I stay in touch with most of my graduated athletes that make it through all 4 years and feel a special bond with each, but each class is unique. 2018 was my first, those guys really helped shape how I approach the sport here at HSE. 2019 had a couple of my favorite all time athletes and I enjoyed coaching them. 2020 was probably the most talented class to come through since I’ve been here and had some big personalities. 2021 was the first one I coached all 4 years, and were probably the best leaders I’ve had so far. This new Senior Class has had a lot of success too and could end up passing 2020 and 2016 for the best Graduating classes in wrestling in HSE history, but how they perform is up to how well they answer the call this fall/winter. In short, I can’t pick just one. I enjoy the nuances of each athlete and each class!”

When asked about the highlights of his coaching career, Brobst said that he loves seeing athletes make major leaps on his teams. Such as when an athlete goes from the JV team one year to qualifying for state the next.

To Brobst, the point of high school athletics is simple: get kids involved, have a good time, and help them develop as students, athletes, and young men/women. The only non-negotiable to be a part of Brobst teams is that you work hard. “nobody who won’t put in the effort can wrestle. They can start off horrible, but if they try hard, they can make it.”

Outside of wrestling, his hobbies include coaching Middle School Football and Youth Baseball. Brobst also said “I also enjoy watching sports of all kinds and being involved in the school community. I try to make it to at least one event for each athletic team every year and support my students and their efforts. I also love being with family, my wife and 2 children, and just having fun!”

Brobst graduated from Purdue and currently teaches at HSE with his wife, Kacy. They have a son named Logan and a daughter named Avery. Outside of HSE, Brobst coaches Junior High football, belongs to the Indiana High School Wrestling Coaches Committee, and coaches the Indiana National Team at the cadet level.