SSN: Jim Irsay’s Roof Debacle

Eric Bedrosian

In true Mr. Burns fashion, Jim Irsay, the owner of the Colts, decided to watch the world burn as he ask fans whether or not the roof should have been opened during last Thursday night’s game against the Jets. Twitter was asked, so fans responded with some of the most hilarious tweets. In fact, Jim has been known to hear out the fans and what they want when it comes to how the stadium and aspects of the management operate. The original tweet reads:

To sum it up, fans were very clear on how they wanted the game to operate. Somehow, it has now become the idea that when the Colts lose, the roof is open. Whether or not the roof being opened actually does anything to the team’s performance, it has been accurate so far this season that when the roof has been opened at home, the team has lost. Or, maybe it is because of Carson Wentz, but we can leave that up to the fans to decide. So here are just some of the people who decided that they wanted the roof and window to be closed during last Thursday night’s game:

Then there were the fans who didn’t want to be in the cold. Temps were in the upper 40s to the lower 50s during the game. Which in Indiana is a heat wave in the month of November. This begs the question, if living in Indiana doesn’t prep you for the cold, then what will?

There were also some people who were totally okay with the roof being opened. In fact, one fan took the opportunity to use the tweet as a way to get free tickets. Whether or not they actually got those tickets is a different question. However, it should be assumed that he did not get them:

The overall consensus from Colts fans is that the roof being open = losses being dished out. What Jim and the ownership did right was at least ask the fans, because they were not required to do so. Part of what makes Jim unique as a team owner is that he listens to the fans, which is something that many owners cannot exactly say. More importantly, Lucas Oil Stadium has been provided with amazing infrastructure to where the team and fans can decide whether or not they feel like playing or watching the game in an inside or outside environment throughout the season.