SSN Athlete Feature: Ryan Hartig

Mackenzie Dreher

As the Hamilton Southeastern wrestling season starts back up again, I ask HSE Senior, Ryan Hartig to share a few things.

How many years have you been wrestling and what got you into it? 

“This is my 8th year wrestling. My dad is the one that got me into wrestling, he wrestled as a kid and told me I had to play a sport every season of the year, so when I realized I was trash at basketball he said I should wrestle and I tried it and loved it immediately.”

What lessons have you learned through your wrestling career? 

“I’ve learned that wrestling is really tough and that any time wrestling or life gets tough you can’t quit, you can’t quit on your team can’t quit on your family.”

What are your plans after high school?

“After high school I want to go to college at Purdue for engineering, no specific part of engineering. I don’t plan to wrestle in college but I want to find some sport to play recreationally.”

Whats your favorite memory you will take away from wrestling? 

“My favorite memory from wrestling would be the Christmas time tournament at north Montgomery my sophomore year, it’s a fun tournament and the senior class that year was tons of fun, we all did well and it was a great team experience, it always makes me remember how fun wrestling is as a team.”

What are you most excited for this season? 

“I’m excited to see how well our team does this year. I think we have a few really great wrestlers and our whole team seems pretty solid and I would love to hopefully make it to semi state and beyond.”

What about wrestling challenges you the most? 

“I would say the everyday practice grind is the most challenging. I know before practice everyday I need to be locked in for a good practice and to work my best so that way when it’s time to wrestle I will be able to go out and have fun.”


On the topic of hard work and recognition, make sure to show up for senior night on December 14th! Hartig and many other students will be recognized for their triumphs throughout their high school wrestling careers.