International Sports

Adding to the Knowledge about Sports All Over the World

Emma Bieberich and Jordyn Grant

          International sports, like rugby and cricket, are not commonly recognized by people in the United States but help to entertain and build connections with other countries around the world. International sports bring people from different countries, beliefs and culture together, even with their differences and encourage them to be more open to learning about their different traditions. With international sports, people find out they have more in common and build friendships.  

          Rugby is one sport that helps build connections. Rugby is a technical sport that originated in England and is played throughout the world, even here at HSE. Rugby has grown into one of the world’s fastest growing sports. But many might not know that there is a Rugby World Cup that originated in 1905. 

          Some events, like the FIFA World Cup, spark more viewership in America due to its traditions that not many other countries have, including mascots, ball design and national anthems. The World Cup is the most watched sporting event internationally. As reported by CNN, 58% of soccer fans plan to watch the tournament, and that number will continue to grow in upcoming years.  The World Cup not only contains an entertainment factor, but also allows countries all over the world to earn billions of dollars in winnings.  

          Another sport that is not well known is cricket. Cricket was first played in Southeast England in the 1600s and is now most popular in India. This is bat-and-ball game is played between two teams of eleven players on a grass field. Cricket is more often played in developing countries, but America has adopted a game known as baseball. Both sports contain similar ideas but differ in the shape of their fields and other rules.  

          The lack of knowledge of international sports is evident across the United States, as many people are not informed of about the positive effects of international sports. This includes genuine connections between countries and sharing cultures between athletics. This is key to helping better acknowledge the struggles of people with different backgrounds, which is what international sports help do. All these international sports and more influence many aspects of the world, from a country’s ideologies or amusement to their economic success.