Art enthusiasts can join Art Club

Joseph Alcala, Staff Writer

Art Club, a new organization that started this year, had their callout meeting on Monday, Oct. 6, to vote on which activities they would be participating in. English teacher Elizabeth Seckel and art teacher Elizabeth Clark co-sponsor the club.

“We want it to be a place where students can work on their own art projects outside of school, gain exposure to different types of projects introduced by Mrs. Clark, work with younger art students at the elementary level, and possibly even take field trips,” Seckel said.

The club meets Mondays after school in the freshmen center art room. Anyone is welcome to participate in club activities, regardless of skill level.

“One of our goals is to allow students to be creative and partake in new artistic endeavors in an encouraging and friendly environment,” Seckel said. “I think students who would want to join love art, want more exposure to art, are looking to make new friends, or need some time outside of school to be creative with peers.”