On the Cheap | Fortville

Mary Claghorn, design editor


The suburbs. Oh, how I hate the suburbs. In the big city people are able to go out their front door and go on an adventure. In Fishers the options are not as obvious, so thinking outside the box is a must.

An average activity teenagers do is go to the mall, but there is more to do in this area than just go to Hamilton Town Center and loiter at the movie theater, walk circles around the stores, and look through the same clothes at Wet Seal the week before.

Whenever I get bored of the tired scenery of Fishers I head outside its bubble. A place in particular is Fortville. I’m not mentioning the changed address location some HSHS students have—I mean the real Fortville town. It is a quaint little place less than 20 minutes from Fishers.

A main focal point when you arrive in Fortville is this humongous pink elephant that wears glasses, Percy. The elephant is a famous symbol around town. He was used for the Fortville HIgh School’s class of 1997 prank and even has his own dessert at a restaurant on Main Street called Indulge.

Right next door to Percy is a Dairy Queen, but this one has a unique feel. This Dairy Queen still has the old retro touches of a building that has not yet escaped the ‘70s. With swivel chairs, long booths, and fries that come salted and peppered, this Dairy Queen is full of nostalgia.

Farther into town for the avid antique collector is McCordsville Mercantile. It is a little store that hoards reasonably priced antiques that fills every crevice of the store. Some antiques are even placed outside the building. The store has everything from old rustic mailboxes to interesting looking chairs, and so much more.

So next time when boredom is quickly escalating, jump in the car and go to Fortville. It offers several opportunities for a taste of something different to do.