“Vacation—had to stay”

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The beautiful fields of corn and the Indy 500: to most people, that is all Indiana is. People assume the only perk is just a place to live and not so much a weekend getaway. A weekend getaway is full of luxury and adventure, so why do people have to explore elsewhere to experience that same feel? Indiana offers much more than just the regular beach vacation.

While people may think that there is not much to do in Fishers, it has been declared the number one city for families according to the Learning Channel and has been named eighth best place to live in 2010 according to Money Magazine. However, if one is sick of being stuck in the “Fishers Bubble,” there are still other options. There are many places to seek out and explore, even outside of Fishers, without the extra cost of traveling out of state.

Grab the car keys, plug in the GPS, and go on a exploration across Indiana. There 24 state parks and many outdoor recreation places to enjoy. Indiana offers parks ranging from Brown County in Nashville, to the Indiana Dunes in Chesterton. Instead of looking up a beach to visit, visit one of Indiana’s lakes or rivers. Indiana offers 366 public access lakes and 158 rivers ranging from Clifty Falls in Madison to Morse Lake in Noblesville.

However, for those who do not like to be outside and get dirty, there are cool thrift shops and restaurants to discover. Take a trip downtown around Circle Centre or explore the vinyl stores in Broad Ripple. Experience Indianapolis’ swing dancing, one of the many sports pubs, or the Indiana Repertory Theatre.

So do not mope around all day and complain about not having anything to do. There is much more to Indiana than it may seem. If everyone opened their eyes and went out to explore the exciting side of Indiana, people would be surprised to what it has to offer.

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