SSN: Cam Roberts Spotlight


Tristan Fluhr

Wrestling the Schedule 

HSE Junior Wrestler learns and adapts to balancing family, being a varsity wrestler, and school work all in his schedule. 

The lights of the varsity gym are beating down on the mats. Cam Roberts and his opponent, dripping with raw emotion and sweat line up for round 3. This is why he competes, for moments like this. The whistle blows and Cam shoots off like a firecracker. This is the moment.  

Cam Roberts is a varsity wrestler for HSE and while being a varsity wrestler provides challenges, Roberts also balances family and schoolwork in his schedule day in and day out.  

“I always dedicate myself to the sports team,” Roberts said, “I always make sure I am at every practice and meet and always support my team whether I’m wrestling or not.”  

Being a varsity wrestler commands both time and commitment to the program. Roberts is in the wrestling room every day to continue in improving his craft and being the best teammate and leader he can be. Off the mat and out of the weight room, Roberts is also a leader in his family. 

“Cam is kind of the leader of our family,” Annabelle Batuyong, Roberts’s Step-Sister said, “he’s a great role model for our younger siblings.”  

Being in a large family and with Roberts being the oldest, he embraces his role as the older brother. Roberts drives his siblings around when he can and Roberts tries to be involved and tries to be a major part of the family. While being a High School Student, Roberts also balances schoolwork. 

“To be successful in life, you have to get good grades,” Roberts said, “so I study in little intervals before my test.” 

Roberts always prioritizes what he needs to do before he does it. He knows that he needs to get homework done, so he gets it done when he has free time.  

Being in high school presents its own challenges, but adding in schoolwork, being a Varsity Wrestler, and trying to be a leader in his family, Cam Roberts balances his schedule and does it all. By: Tristan Fluhr