SSN: Claire Kendrick Athlete Feature

At 4:00am on Friday, an alarm blares into the sleeping ears of Claire Kendrick. Fighting to the lure of sleep, she gets up knowing a, early morning cross country practice is worth the wake up call.  Claire thinks about the long day ahead of her. After morning practice she has a full day of school. Then after school she has a meeting for her Parley FFA team and next she is off to work at her veterinary clinic.

When asked how she balances this busy lifestyle she says, “Running keeps me busy and it keep me on track to accomplish my goals. It keeps me on track knowing I have to go to practice then FFA and then make time for my schoolwork.” Claire has learned through her four years of hectic days that in order to succeed in multiple activities you must have a passion for what your doing.

While giving her attention to cross country, work and FFA she discovered the importance of making time for school work. Early into her freshman year Claire realized that her school assignments must come first. She also talks about how this will transfer into her college, “this has given me a sense of managing myself and forcing myself to manage my time while balancing other activities”.

“Don’t be discouraged to join clubs or sports if you don’t think you’ll have enough time for them, if you truly have a passion for what you are doing you will find the time.”