SSN: Ben Habegger Spotlight


Tristan Fluhr


Son of HSE Athletic Director hits the hardwood for the Royals


HSE Junior Varsity Basketball Player Benjamin Habegger works to fill the shoes of his dad, the Athletic Director of Hamilton Southeastern.


The bright lights of the gymnasium are beating down, the roar of the crowd is shaking the floor, the squeak of the sneakers blasts the eardrums, and the sweat drips onto the floor. This is what Benjamin Habegger experiences in the middle of the game.

Ben Habegger, a Sophomore at HSE, is a Junior Varsity Basketball Player. The son of Greg Habegger, who is the Athletic Director at HSE, provides an interesting perspective into both basketball and life as an athlete.


“Some might think having my dad work in the athletic department is awkward for me, but in reality, it’s really not,” Ben said, “My dad has also seved as the head basketball coach here at HSE, so he’s great to get advice from.”


With his dad as the Athletic Director, Greg Habegger is required to go to the basketball games. Coach Habegger is proud of his son’s athletics and speaks highly of his game.


“It is rewarding to watch them learn, grow, struggle, and improve,” Greg said, “Ben has always been a good teammate – he is unselfish; he likes to win, but doesn’t care who gets the credit.  I appreciate seeing that.”


Ben Habegger has also commented on his game and knows that his game is unique at 6’3” as a Sophomore in High School.


“But within the game, I have always loved to shoot the ball,” Ben said, “Anywhere from mid-range to the three-point line, which is typically unorthodox for players my height.


As the son of an Athletic Director, there is imaginable pressure to perform. But through a unique game and support from his father, Ben Habegger has come through.   By: Tristan Fluhr