SSN Athlete Feature: Sara Reichert

Delaney Crace

Gifted in more than just sports 

Photo provided by Sara Reichert via Apple Music (2018)

Sara Reichert, her course with music making 

Junior defensive lacrosse player, Sara Reichert, sits in her room writing lyrics for her first ever music project. She takes her guitar and piano and comes up with a rhythm to go along with the lyrics that she just finished. She talks with her producer friend who helps do the technical side of the music producing. She is ready to release her first EP, “I Hope She Does Well on This”.  

Reichert started playing lacrosse in 5th grade because she wanted to be like her older brother, class of 2020 graduate, EJ. There was something that Sara had as her own ever since she was a little girl, music. She describes that she has always been musically gifted and always enjoyed music.  

Photo provided by Sara Reichert

“My mom told me that ever since I was 4 years old, I would just be walking around the house singing songs that she didn’t recognize, songs that I made up,” Reichert said. 

Carolyn Carter, one of Reichert’s earliest coaches said, 

 “Sara is a great leader. She is always willing to step up and help her teammates. She has an amazing personality and is full of confidence. She always tries to be the best at what she does. I am very proud of her and believe she has a very strong work ethic. 

Reichert is currently working on a new music project alongside another HSE student.  

Photo provided by Sara Reichert

“Hopefully it will be out by springtimeI want to release stuff that I am proud of and not stuff that is rushed and half-done, so I’m taking my time on it.”