SSN Athlete Feature: Alex Totton

Best of Both Worlds

With the scoreboard nearing zero, down by three, tensions are at an all time high. The sweat dripping down the players’ faces, the chants roaring from each student section, everything is intense. Whether you’re on the court or in the stands, you are nervous. For Senior Alex Totton, he has become very familiar with both. Having been on the basketball team and Blue Crew, HSE’s student section leaders, for multiple years, Totton has gotten to see both sides of the experience.

“My role in the Blue Crew leadership in called an executive.” Totton said. “We do our best to help lead the group and keep everything organized so we are all up to date and ready for the weeks ahead.”

Totton not only helps support the Royals on gameday, though. Come winter, he’s out on the court, hoping the rest of his Blue Crew family can cheer him on. Totton has been a part of the basketball team since Freshman year, and decided to join Blue Crew his junior year, the same year he made the varsity basketball team.

“I’ve decided to stay committed with both just because I love both so much. Basketball has been my passion since I can remember, I love the grind and my teammates,” Totton said. “Being a blue crew leader is something I also really enjoy because the other leaders are great and we always have a good time together. They go hand in hand because it shows great teamwork and how fun things can be when you’re working together.”


Totton’s good sense of teamwork has carried over tremendously to the basketball court.  One of Totton’s teammates, Vinny Buccilla, thinks very highly of him.

“Alex is a very energetic guy and our team can really feed off of the energy he brings,” Buccilla said. “He’s the kind of teammate every team needs because he is keeping everyone positive and holds people accountable!”

Totton’s involvement in both Blue Crew and the basketball team has been a big part of his high school career. The skills developed by these programs not only help him in each, but prepare him for life in the future.