HSE Fishers w/ Safety Noah Wolf

Adam Hipsky

Q: What do you guys have to do to come out with a win on Friday?

A: I think a huge key for us on Friday is to take away the big plays and keep the offense contained.

Q: Coming off a bye week, how did you guys balance rest as well as getting ready for a big game?

A: Some took their time off to try and heal to get as close to 100% as possible for

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Friday and then others practiced all week to prepare.

Q: What kind of challenges does the Fishers offense present?

A: I think the main challenge is keeping Carson Dunn contained and not letting him get into the open field and then also, they have a major ability to create the big play and pick up a lot of yards on chunk plays.

Q: How can you guys counter that?

A: To stop Dunn, we have to be sound upfront and the safeties have to fly downfield to make plays. To stop the big plays, I think it will be key for the secondaries to keep their weapons in front of them and not let anything get behind them for the big play.

Q: Obviously having defeated them earlier in the season, what do you expect to be different this time around?

A: I think they will come out with a lot more energy and passion, obviously with it being the postseason they are playing for their season, so I expect them to give us their best shot and we just need to be able to take it and battle.


Q: What are you most looking forward to this Friday?

A: Definitely looking forward to the atmosphere and being able to get out there with my brothers and playing in a do-or-die environment with so much on the line and hopefully come out with a win.