SSN Athlete Feature: Grady Garrard

Adam Hipsky

Today, the Senior Midfielder Grady Garrard discussed his experience in the HSE Soccer Program.


Q: What has made your senior season different compared to your other years in the HSE Soccer Program?

A: I am cherishing each game more than usual, knowing this is potentially my last season of soccer ever with my greatest friends.

Q: Tell me what makes HSE Soccer so special?

A: My best friends have all been made possible by HSE Soccer, starting the summer before freshman year all the way to senior season, bus rides, dinners, and camps.

Q: How are you preparing for the postseason and is there anything different you’re doing for the postseason?

A:. Preparation for the postseason is no different than any other games, going into these games confident and ready to win.

Q: How did it feel to pick up the big win against Noblesville?

A: Getting the win against Noblesville was exceptional, my favorite win by far, they always have a good program and won state last year so beating them on our last home game ever, felt really good.

Q: With that win, you put yourself in a good position to compete for winning a conference championship this season. Why have you guys been able to be so successful this year?

A: This season we have played some great games and some games not so great, but we always work on our mistakes. This team has a lot of mental toughness, being down 1 at halftime in a couple of games, and coming back to win. This team doesn’t give up easy and we all are playing our best soccer.

Q: How are you planning on attacking your last sectional as a Royal?

A: I think the main thing we need to focus on is staying together as a team. Some of our best performances this season have been when we play together as a team. So not making the game bigger than what it is and working together will be our keys to success in the postseason, in my opinion.