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Kesha’s New Opening of Music

  After five years of not hearing a new song from Kesha, she released an album unlike her previous music. 

 “I think that it is awesome that she went from crazy and is trying to turn herself around,” junior Daisy Myers said. “I love the album and the naturalness of her voice.”  

   Rainbow starts with the song “Bastards”. The song explains how Kesha does not understand why people can be so mean to one another. Kesha wrote the song “Bastards” to show people who have a hard time understanding how people can be crucial to one another. The second song on the album is “Let ‘Em Talk”. The song has the same set up as “Bastards” but instead the song gives an explanation of letting go and not caring what people think of you. Kesha wants her fans to just dance through her music and feel free.   

   “I’ve never been more excited about a piece of art in my entire life,” Kesha said. “This is truly from the inside of my guts.” 

   On the album there are three songs that are more of Kesha’s natural voice “Hymn,” “Praying” and “Rainbow”. These three songs show the fans more of how Kesha feels about other people being crucial to other people. “Hymn” is a song that gives a background of how Kesha felt that she did not belong anywhere growing up. Next “Praying” shows Kesha’s personal voice throughout the song and gives a soft-rock tone. The song shows of the stress she went through during her lawsuit. “Rainbow” was the first song she wrote for the album. Kesha was in rehab for her eating disorder and she would bang her head against the wall and beg the lady for a piano. “Rainbow” was a promise to Kesha that things will get better.  

   Kesha’s more upbeat tracks are “Woman,” “Learn To Let Go,” “Hunt You Down” and “Boogie Feet”. The songs show confidence and having a fun time with what you are doing. “Woman” and “Learn To Let Go” give the fans a view of having fun no matter what is happening in the present. “Hunt You Down” is about Kesha going back to her country roots and how a man cheated on her. “Boogie Feet” is about a song of releasing stress and just have fun dancing.  

   “This whole album, for me, really is a healing album,” Kesha said. “It’s healing from so many things from my past and just trying to get back to the most childlike, naive, purest version of myself that I can find — the most free-spirited, un-jaded version of myself.” Story by Kersti Hash. 





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