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Struggles of an Injury

Injuries are a common occurrence with high school athletes. With the constant practicing and workouts at any age can cause stress on the body. Senior Abigail Jones experienced this starting her sophomore year with a hip injury.

“I have an apophysitis of the iliac crest,” Jones said. “Which caused me to have an avulsion fraction of the iliac crest.”

Athletes continue doing therapy and keeping in shape even with their injury. Depending on the injury some still workout with the team, just shortened or limited than usual.

“When I had the fracture I wasn’t allowed to run at all,” Jones said. “Now I am in physical therapy and I am on a limited running schedule and can only run three days a week.”

Even when out on the sidelines Jones encouraged and cheered on her teammates. She did this by being there for her teammates in everything and getting them excited to race and win.

“I went to all their meets and I collected all their warm-up gear when they were getting ready to go race,” Jones said. “I just tried to get them all hype before their race and tried to be apart of the team even though I couldn’t run.”

Not only did Jones support her team but her team supported her throughout the past few years. Whether it be by pushing her to do her best and work through the pain or picking her up when she felt down

“What helped me get through my injury was mainly my teammates and my coaches because they kept pushing me to work hard on the bike and they encouraged me to stay with it even with my fracture when I couldn’t do anything,” Jones said. “When I couldn’t run at all I was honestly kind of depressed because running is one of my outlets. They were just a big part of me staying in it even though I couldn’t do anything at the time.”

Jones, dealing with the pain in her hips, finds a way to make it through each meet because of her love for the sport.

“They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” Jones said. “I guess it didn’t kill me and it made me more motivated to get back to doing what I love.”

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