SSN Athlete Feature: Brandon Barrientos


From Giant to Royal 

A Track Athlete’s Transfer Journey     

     Senior Brandon Barrientos has been a varsity track athlete throughout his entire high school career. Although this is a remarkable accomplishment, Barrientos had to face another difficult challenge throughout high school. 

     “I used to go to Ben Davis High School,” said Barrientos. “I went to middle school over there and was at Ben Davis for a year.” 

     Barrientos was a varsity track runner at the westside Indianapolis high school during his freshman year.  

     “It was a lot harder running at Ben Davis,” Barrientos said. “There was definitely more competition over there.” 

     With the great amount of competition at Ben Davis, this helped Barrientos become a better athlete. At the conclusion of his freshman year, he would move to Fishers. This would give HSE a great competitor and personality for their team.

“When Brandon came to the team, he brought a solid mid distance option for our team that we had been lacking in recent years,” teammate Grant Wilson said. “He did a great job coming to a new school and being able to contribute immediately.”

Despite never running for the Royals, Barrientos was able to be a key contributor. Adjusting to a new school is a difficult challenge and Barrientos was able to accomplish this. As he ran for the Royals more and more, he began to notice the bonds between his fellow runners more.

“People are a lot more close and although track is an individual sport, its more a team sport,” said Barrientos. “It’s more of being together and running from what brings you down.”

Barrientos has grown more from his experiences on the track team. Not only has he improved on the track, but he is always working hard outside the sport.

“Brandon learned how to push himself further,” Wilson said. “He has realized the importance of training in the offseason and has seen an increase in his performance level.”

Barrientos has learned hard work and passion from track. He described his favorite memory from track was a race where someone was behind him, passed him, and won the race.

“It showed me so much will and determination that I wish I had,” Barrientos said.

Despite a tough situation in moving and adjusting, Barrientos is always looking for a way to get better. His work ethic that he learned from transferring and running at HSE taught him how to always find a way to work hard and look for a lesson in a tough experience whether it’s on or off the track.

Story by Jake Willams